Furnace Repair Elizabeth, CO

Upon arriving at a new customers house on Friday, October 23rd the customer was very hesitant to bring another contractor in their home.  We learned that another HVAC (big name) company had been to their home just hours before us.  This other company was more concerned about getting there on TIME rather than diagnosing the problem correctly and giving fair prices. They informed the customer that it was a bad gas valve, replaced the gas valve and the furnace was still inoperable. The customer was then informed that the main control board was bad and giving them a cost of replacement of $1,200.00.  Their other option was to of course replace the furnace, which they quoted $4,300.00 to do. We say “of course” because this is very common for companies to only sell big ticket items vs. getting the equipment up and running for a reasonable rate.  Thankfully, they called Olde Towne and got the correct, honest diagnosis fast and at a much more reasonable rate.  Total out of pocket and a working furnace was only-$163.00.